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A Managed Service Provider of smart sensors and cams for businesses and families away from home tagged "XPLOSAF".
Our Subscribers pay a fixed monthly sum for a fully set-up solution which is easily installed in their hotel room, holiday apartment or expatriate residence.
The solution is fully managed and supported by MyFamily Mobile. 
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We provide a complete safety bundle consisting of sensors and smart cameras designed to keep holiday and business travelers safe. We call it XPLOSAF.

All setup is handled from command and control for plug and play right from the pack. Sensors monitor windows, doors, valuables, persons and temperature.

Since travel is not constant neither does your safety bundle need to be with you when not travelling. Simply pay as you use. Choose from daily or mthly bundles. Return the bundle when no longer required.

The bundles also give travelers the luxury of exploring their immediate environs through mystery games built into the live video of your camera. Users interacting with fictional characters or artifacts found in their room whilst watching video replays of their room. Replays also take users on whirlwind adventures round the city involving interesting sites.